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Welcome to MotoMercado: Your Two-Wheeled Adventure


At MotoMercado, we're passionate about providing you with the opportunity to experience the thrill of the open road on two wheels. We are your trusted destination for renting top-quality motorcycles and scooters. Whether you're seeking a weekend getaway, a scenic ride through our beautiful region, or simply want to feel the wind on your face as you explore new horizons, you've come to the right place!

Discover Freedom at Every Turn


With a wide selection of mopeds and motorcycles up to 125cc, as well as powerful bikes and maxi scooters over 300cc, we have the perfect vehicle for every riding style. Don't have a motorcycle license? No problem! With a car driving license with at least 3 years of experience, you can enjoy our thrilling motorcycles up to 125cc.


Experience Speaks for Itself


At MotoMercado, we boast over 30 years of experience in motorcycle rental. We've seen countless two-wheeled enthusiasts embark on unforgettable adventures. Our passion and knowledge are reflected in every bike we provide, ensuring a smooth and exhilarating journey whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro.


Explore Our Two-Wheeled Paradise


Situated in a region of unparalleled beauty, we don't just offer you a bike; we provide you with the key to uncover captivating landscapes, scenic routes, and the rich culture that surrounds us. Need inspiration for your adventure? Ask us about our recommended routes in the area! We're delighted to share our local insights to make your journey truly unique.


Reserve Your Adventure Today


Whether you're planning an exciting multi-day trip or simply want to enjoy a leisurely ride for a few hours, MotoMercado is here to make your riding dreams come true. Browse our selection of bikes, check out our rates, and make your reservation online in a few simple steps! We strive to offer exceptional service and an unparalleled two-wheeled experience.


Get in Touch


Feel free to reach out to us for any questions, route inquiries, or additional details. We're here to ensure that your adventure is perfect from the moment you hop on one of our bikes to the instant you return with a smile on your face!

Embark on a Unique Adventure with MotoMercado Today!


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